First Image: © Joseph A. Corrado | Third Image: © Joseph A. Corrado

Things to Do at the Festival

Bid for dinner on board a schooner

The schooner fleet is famous for the wonderful food served aboard. This silent auction for dinners on Friday evening will be held Friday 12-4. Come and bid.

Race across a line of lobster crates in the harbor

Be prepared for a challenge and a splash. Racers have two minutes to race across a fixed line of wooden lobster crates in the harbor on Saturday. The race favors the young and light but all are welcome. Download the rules (PDF) and the release form (PDF).

Build a boat to your own design with materials supplied

Can you turn two sheets of plywood, some 2x4s, nails and glue into a seaworthy craft? All materials are supplied by EBS and Sikaflex. Building starts on the public landing at 9am Saturday with a race among completed boats on Sunday. Download the rules (PDF) and the release form (PDF).

Enter your best friend in a show

Is she big? Is he small? Tail long or short? Dressed for the occasion? A crowd pleaser? Agile over the obstacles? Find out and compete for fun at our Sea Dog Show on Sunday. Download the rules and the release form.

Show off your boat in a Parade Of Boats

Contact the Camden Harbormaster to sign up or download an entry form (PDF). Tell us about your boat so we can announce it as you pass the crowds. Parade assembles at Can #7 at Curtis Island on Sunday afternoon at 3:00 p.m.

There is no entry fee for any of these fun-filled events with the exception of a $5 donation to P.A.W.S. to enter the Sea Dog Show.